Scott is a film-maker with a long and diverse list of credits.  He has served as editor and co-editor on 15 feature films including TAU (Netflix), the 2015 award-winning documentary, Unbranded.  He drew praise for his editing of the now-classic Rounders, starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, and You Kill Me, starring Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni.  His breakthrough film as an editor was John Dahl's neo-noir masterpiece Red Rock West, starring a young Nicolas Cage.  He has also edited hundreds of music videos for artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Blink 182, Eric Clapton and Madonna. Madonna’s Express Yourself, which he edited for director David Fincher, is #10 on MTV’s 100 Greatest Videos of All Time. He has been instrumental in creating many commercials for clients such as Nike, Acura and Coors.  His television productions have included editing Season 3 - 2018 of Quantico for ABC and co-producing America in Primetime, a four-part documentary series for PBS, called the “best work about television on television in the last 20 years” by NPR reviewer David Bianculli.  An accomplished cinematographer, Scott has worked behind the camera on several commercials and documentary projects.  Recently, he was the director of photography on Rows, a dramatic feature based on Grimm's fairy tales.  Scott is is known for his expert command of story elements, his keen eye for telling visual details, and his use of unconventional but extremely effective music cues.