Edited by Scott Chestnut      Directed by Phil Baribeau

Rows (dramatic feature) montage

Cinematography by Scott Chestnut        Directed by David Warfield

Man of the House - America in Primetime

Editor/Co-producer Scott Chestnut        Directed by Lloyd Kramer

MSU: Beneath the Ice

Photographed and Edited by Scott Chestnut        Directed by Dennis Aig

You Kill Me

Edited by Scott Chestnut         Directed by John Dahl

British Petroleum, The Team Behind the Team

Edited by Scott Chestnut       Directed by Reiss/Hill


Edited by Scott Chestnut     Directed by John Dahl

Something You Don't Know - Black Lab

Directed, photographed and edited by Scott Chestnut


Easter Service Program Open for Journey Church, Bozeman, Montana      Directed, photographed and edited by Scott Chestnut

A Shout Across Time

A short film to accompany a score by Ira Mowitz written for the Celebrating Einstein live event.  Music performed by the MSU Symphony.   Written and directed by Dennis Aig    Written and Edited by Scott Chestnut